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At just 36, Fabrizio Rallo has experienced what most only realize in their dreams. Born in Venice, Italy, Fabrizio has traveled extensively as a businessman, frequently visiting Europe, Asia and the Middle East.
Yet his true passion is creating music, as evidenced by his first compact disc (CD), Near An Angel, he truly believed in his passion and without hesitation, he went on, and in less than two years he launched his second and latest album Eternity.
Fabrizio began playing piano at age 5 and was accepted into the prestigious music Conservatory in Padua at age 10, despite not knowing how to read music. After playing for his Evangelical church in Padua for more than 10 years, was recently when he moved to the U.S.A. that Fabrizio decided to play music professionally. In turn, he created two albums that have attracted considerable attention and were being sold in Harmony House stores in Michigan, as well as Media Play and Borders Books & Music locations until the digital revolution brought Fabrizio's music worldwide.
He also has made appearances in several stores and festivals, and his music is being featured on Detroit - WNIC-FM's program, Pillow Talk with Alan Almond. It has been a whirlwind for someone who came to the U.S. with his wife and two children just few years ago. Now with a third child, Fabrizio instills feelings of happiness, gratitude and peace in his piano arrangements. Both Near An Angel and Eternity feature tracks that were all written, arranged and produced by Fabrizio. No vocals are featured, but Fabrizio played the piano, and all other instruments as well. The compositions are a mixture of new age, classical, and modern methods.
A new album is planned to be released. This new collection confirms that Fabrizio is not only an ispiration to many people that listen to his music, but he is also the affirmation of his talent and professional way of making music.
It's refreshing to listen to this artist who expresses true feeling through his music,
Fabrizio says that this is just the beginning of a book, but it is indeed a book without an end.
Listen to Fabrizio; discover his passion and you, too, will be a fan.



Behind The Scenes

The creativity and musical talent of Fabrizio Rallo is unmistakable, and nothing can stop him from achieving the success he work so hard for. Highly influential and critically acclaimed, Fabrizio is always striving to push the sonic boundaries, and looking to leave his mark on the modern generation of music.


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"Music expresses that which cannot be said and on which it is impossible to be silent"

Victor Hugo




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